Economic prosperity for all

The Philosophy of Bitcoin

We are a grassroots initiative aspiring to become a political party.

Acts of kindness toward others form the bedrock of our philosophy.

The concept of Bitcoin is grounded in humanist values and individual empowerment, such as harmony, humility, empathy for others, the promotion of technological innovation, financial freedom, full employment, transparency, inclusion, and tolerance of diverse opinions, for we recognize that we do not possess the absolute truth on any matter.

¿Por qué un partido político basado en la filosofìa Bitcoin?

Who "steals" your money, your time, and your efforts?

Are we laboring for others to live lavishly at our expense?

The Bitcoin Party believes that money should revert to its creators, the people. The notion behind Bitcoin addresses the issue of currency and ameliorates the lives of individuals and nations. The party combats the privileges of power, including those of central and commercial banks, which impoverish the majority while enriching a select few.

We face two major problems:

Those in power possess the ability to print unbacked currency. Each time they print more, you become poorer, and your future becomes more indebted and bleak.
A bank can lend the same euro to multiple individuals simultaneously—a legally sanctioned swindle.
Bitcoin, being finite, fosters a world where everything becomes more affordable over time.

Bitcoin as a remedy for inflation

The Bitcoin Party posits that Bitcoin is the antidote to inflation. Inflation is a slow theft of your present and future, perpetrated by the “privilege” of rulers and banks to conjure money from nothing, devaluing your life and encroaching on your personal and professional dignity. The unjustified supremacy of the US dollar and its status as the global reference currency fosters mounting inequality among citizens and between nations.

Is Bitcoin ownership necessary?

Bitcoin grants individuals personal freedom, as they can utilize the Bitcoin network without possessing Bitcoin. They can transmit their fiat money worldwide at the speed of light and a thousand times more affordably. Since 2023, owning Bitcoin has not been a prerequisite for sending money via its network.

Adoption will stem from financial education but primarily when Bitcoin unequivocally demonstrates its utility to individuals and businesses.

Why a political party founded on the Bitcoin philosophy?

What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin embodies the evolution of digital currency, free from the control of governments, banks, and corporations.
  • It enables the transfer of money between individuals and businesses across the globe at the speed of light and significantly more affordably.
  • In a world with finite currency, if something rises, something else must fall. Goods and services become increasingly cheaper over time.
  • One Bitcoin remains equal to one Bitcoin, irrespective of its temporary exchange rate with fiat money.

Why is Bitcoin important?

  • Bitcoin, being finite, addresses the issues of currency and inflation, thereby enhancing the lives of individuals and nations.
  • Bitcoin restores monetary power to the people and contests the privileges of authority, including those of central and commercial banks.
  • Central and commercial banks are all “technically insolvent.”

How does Bitcoin work?

  • Bitcoin is decentralized, signifying that intermediaries such as banks are unnecessary for transaction verification.
  • Bitcoin’s limited quantity ensures its scarcity and safeguards its value over time.

Why join the Bitcoin Party?

  • The Bitcoin Party champions a just, secure, and transparent political and economic system for all individuals.
  • The Bitcoin Party upholds values such as financial freedom, technological innovation, and inclusion, indubitably making no distinction between women and men while combatting the privileges of power.
  • The Bitcoin Party advocates for individual liberty in a deflationary world, where people will retain their purchasing power, earned through their efforts, over time.

David Izquierdo: Committed to Enhancing Society

David Izquierdo is not only a successful entrepreneur and advisor in the economic sector but also an innovative leader dedicated to the betterment of society. His vision of a fairer and more equitable world led him to establish the Bitcoin Party, a political organization founded on the philosophy of this cryptocurrency, promoting individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government

For David Izquierdo, Bitcoin holds the potential to be a powerful tool in achieving a more equitable and free society. Instead of relying on centralized and hierarchical institutions, blockchain technology allows for the creation of decentralized and trustworthy networks where information and assets can be shared and transferred without intermediaries. Moreover, the transparent and secure nature of cryptocurrency technology can ensure the integrity of processes and transactions.

For David, Bitcoin can not only be used to enhance business processes but also have a transformative impact on politics and society. In this regard, he founded the Bitcoin Party, a political organization aiming to promote the Bitcoin philosophy in the political arena and champion individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government.