Our political, economic, and social proposals.

The Bitcoin Party's proposals for Spain

Spain can be the best country in the world and a role model to follow.

We propose several things; are they right-wing or left-wing? We don’t know and we’re not interested. We try to seek common sense that improves the lives of as many people as possible.

  • Elimination of 350,000 politicians who receive their salaries every month ahead of all important things, such as health care, pensions, education, etc. We would save a lot of money, which we could allocate to important matters. Perhaps pensions, for example, could truly be decent and not deceive people with crumbs, as has been done so far. Health care can also be greatly improved. And by the way, although politicians sell us the idea that health care is free, it costs us billions of euros every year.
  • Limit the absolute power that banks have over the Spanish economy. We can compete with them on equal terms. We should get some return on our money, our taxes, and social contributions. With that money, we could significantly increase the country’s revenue and not let all the returns from everyone’s money be distributed among a few private individuals.
  • Eliminate privileges for public servants. I have nothing against them (they are necessary), but passing an exam should not guarantee a job no matter what you do or what happens. Why should they have more labor rights than other employees or self-employed workers? I am convinced that hardworking civil servants would agree with me. But we shouldn’t just demand from civil servants; we should demand from everyone, and of course, properly reward individual effort.
  • Aim for zero technical unemployment: We need to get people out of unemployment by reducing social contributions for companies so they can hire more. Make sure that no one is unemployed. Companies and self-employed workers need those workers who are currently not working. We would save the country a huge cost every month while making companies more productive, generating more jobs.
  • Corruption: life imprisonment. It is very serious to steal from everyone; one year for each Spaniard you steal from, forty-seven million years and life imprisonment. Honestly, it’s disgraceful to steal, and it should come at a high price. Blockchain can help us reduce corruption to zero.
  • Provide transparency. Now, with existing technology, we can know everything with accuracy. Every citizen should be certain about what they get for each cent they spend. We must demand that information be provided to us in an easy-to-understand way, whether in blue bars, colored pie charts, or any other form. But not in the General State Budget, which is difficult to understand for most people. This way, when we express opinions, we can do so with informed judgment.
  • Politicians’ press conferences should be held jointly. This would prevent each of them from blaming the other, and things would be resolved. “What have you done in the last six months? Have you made any progress?”. If the answer is no, then they should be fired. Remember that politicians are our employees, and we must demand results.
  • Living in palaces is not necessary. We should live like the rest of the people and then return to our homes. And most importantly, always tell the truth! Is it so difficult to tell the truth
  • Implement exams for politicians. We cannot allow people with no basic knowledge of public resource management to run a country. I have met several important politicians, and it is disappointing to see how little they know. They are very inadequate. Whose fault? No, it’s ours for allowing it.
  • We cannot allow arbitrary changes in ministerial positions. For example, the Minister of Education being relocated to Health or vice versa. What sense does that make? It’s important to have the right people in the right positions to ensure efficient and effective management.
  • Individual behaviour. When we ask something from the State or government, we are not asking an abstract entity. We are asking our fellow citizens. It is hard for all of us to work, study, and make sacrifices, but as long as society demands effort, those who can, unfortunately, must do so. For themselves and for others. There are many pensioners and many who genuinely cannot work, and we will gladly help them. It is immoral to live at the expense of others’ lives. If you can, please do your part.

A shining country: Spain can be the best or one of the best countries in the world. Why not? With the best intentions in the world, we are an alternative that seeks to help both our country and others.

Why can’t we dream of a bright future for everyone and work together to make it a reality?

The Bitcoin Party’s proposals focus on managing resources with common sense, not belonging to anyone or anything, neither left-wing nor right-wing. It’s about doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people possible, managing resources in the best way. Without aligning with business owners or absolutely anyone. We are not for sale.

New ideas to tackle age-old problems, because the problems don’t change much over time. Pensions, healthcare, education, employment, justice…

We focus on eliminating political and economic privileges and seeking a fair monetary system for all. We are in charge, but we either don’t realize it or have forgotten.

We have forgotten that politicians are our employees, and it is vital to internalize that we are the ones who control political life. We are the ones whose desires determine the future, the pace of things, where our country is headed, and even if we want, the world. Everything depends on our desires and ideas.

We believe in a world where citizens have the power to make decisions about their resources and are not at the mercy of central banks and governments that can create money out of thin air.

In addition, we propose lowering income taxes and reducing corporate social security contributions to reduce unemployment. We believe in equal working conditions for public employees, salaried workers, and self-employed individuals, as well as between sexes.

We are a party of humility and empathy towards the opinions of others. We believe in the regeneration of political values and that politicians are employees who must be accountable to citizens.

We will talk to everyone about everything, as we do not possess the absolute truth and can surely understand and learn from other perspectives.

We believe in a world where rewarding individual effort is a reality, and where the state doesn’t spend more than it takes in. We are an optimistic party that advocates for a smaller state, lower taxes, and more humanism and liberalism. The state must be agile and effective!

In conclusion, we are a party that fights for the personal and professional dignity of citizens of any gender and age, seeking a fair and equitable financial-economic system for all. Join our movement, and together let’s change Spain and the world!

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